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Myopia Can Be Managed

Identifying and controlling myopia is just one more reason why children should have regular comprehensive eye exams

Roughly 30% of the Canadian population has myopia. Also known as nearsightedness, the prevalence of the condition is increasing in Canada and around the world.

Not only does myopia make it difficult to see what’s being presented in class or to catch a ball on the field, but it can also lead to other vision issues. High myopia is associated with an increased risk of retinal detachment, cataracts, and glaucoma

Vision doesn’t stabilize until around age 20, so if children’s eyes are examined regularly, we have the opportunity to identify myopia early and slow its progression. 

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What Is Myopia?

Myopia is a refractive error. When the eye has an irregular shape, light can’t focus correctly on the retina, which causes blurry vision. In the case of myopia, light focuses in front of the retina so close-up items are clear and objects in the distance are fuzzy.

The causes of myopia are not widely understood, but it does appear that genetics play at least a partial role. So if you have myopia, there’s a chance your children might too.

Myopia Matters

It’s important that kids get regular eye exams, so we can identify myopia. Unlike adults, children often have no frame of reference for good vision. They may not be able to articulate when they are struggling to see. 

If no one knows there’s a vision problem, kids can be misdiagnosed with a learning disability or behavioural disorder. 

Language acquisition, speech development, and hand-eye coordination are all dependent on good visual skills. By detecting it early and employing methods of myopia control, we can help to set kids up for clear, crisp vision in the future.

Let Us Help

Myopia has no cure but spending time outside can delay the onset of the condition. At Tutt Street Optometry, we can also recommend methods of slowing myopia progression. These will vary depending on your child’s unique situation. 

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